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Rite Way Land Rollers help increase germination by ensuring every seed you plant has optimal contact with the soil.

Rite Way Land Roller drums are larger, so they make fewer revolutions and more efficiently press rocks into the ground without rolling the crop out ahead of it.

Rite Way Land Rollers will apply even pressure on any terrain, need less horsepower, and can be folded and unfolded in minutes!

Rite Way F Series

Land Rollers

Decrease downtime and fuel costs.

Rollers push down rocks, helping

eliminate costly combine repairs

during harvest.

Break down crop residue - even cornstalks - so your field is ready

to plant in the spring.

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Breakdown crop residue

Maximize yields and Increase germination

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Increase seed-to soil and nutrient contact

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Shorter Drum Segments, ensure you roll land evenly regardless of the terrain

Tandem pull capeabilities (maximize effeciency)

Land Roller Features

" If you're one of the many progressive and innovative farmers who are diversifying their crops, one of your most important pieces of equipment will be a land roller "

Rite Way MFG

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Rite Way Land Roller in action

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